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Smoke Testing

 Smoke testing is an effective and economical way to locate numerous types of undesired connections to a sanitary sewer system. TQI has developed an improved smoke testing technique that we refer to as “intensive smoke testing.” With the equipment and techniques that we utilize, we achieve a pressurization 3 to 4 times greater than with earlier techniques based on smoke “bombs” and manhole ventilators. We are a firm that specializes in inflow and infiltration (I/I) studies and investigations, a field in which our founder, Mr. Thompson, has been active for over 25 years.

 Over the past several years we have applied this approach to projects across Ontario including the Region of Peel (numerous areas), Region of Durham (numerous areas), Wellesley and the entire City of Timmins. Our goal is to not only locate sources of I/I but also provide conclusive, readily accessible evidence of their existence. The prime season for smoke testing generally extends from May through November.

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